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Vivian Belen Award Winner, 2016

Norine Dagliano, 2016 Vivian Belen Award Winner

The winner of this award carries on Vivian Belen’s work. 

This year’s winner has dedicated countless hours to our organization over the years, often times ‘behind the scenes’ and out of the spotlight. The winner’s dedication to the craft of writing and our industry in general, is overwhelmingly evident in the passion they display. 

They have helped our association and the Board, lay the groundwork for some great advancements in the programs and value we deliver to our members. 

This year’s winner is a recognized expert in our industry, a true teacher and mentor, who shares her knowledge and skill openly and with patience. At the same time, she stands up firmly for what she believes in. 

I had a conversation with this year’s winner shortly before the conference and I want to leave you with a quote they shared with me during that conversation… which I hope you all can embody and bring to life:  

“Make today so awesome, that yesterday gets jealous!”

Congratulations! Norine Dagliano

- Steve Bouchard, The NRWA President, 2016

The NRWA created the Vivian Belen Award to honor those who have given selflessly to the organization,  in many cases, without the “title” of board member. They exemplify everything Vivian believed in. They continue to do her work. To ensure that we follow the code of ethics she helped formulate, practice fairness and honesty, and continue mentoring and educating peers and colleagues.

  • Brenda Cunningham and Mary Jo King (2015)
  • Marie Zimenoff (2014)
  • Sophia Marshall (2013)
  • Kathy Harber (2012)
  • Pat Criscito and Kathy Sweeney (2011)
  • Marcia Baker (2010)
  • Donna Tucker (2009)
  • Bonnie Kurka (2008)
  • Sally McIntosh (2007)
  • Kathy Sweeney (2006)
  • Sherri Morgan (2005)
  • Ann Baehr (2004)
  • Sally McIntosh and Linda Matias (2003)

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