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Resume Samples

As a benefit of membership, the NRWA is proud to share samples of resumes for your reference. Fictionalized samples below are sorted by professional area, and all are recipients of the ROAR Award.  

It is important to keep in mind that graphics and items in text boxes often cannot be read by Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software.

As writers, when displaying critical information through graphics or text boxes, and when we are preparing resumes for ATS submission, we must also take care to ensure this information is properly embedded in the body of the text.

Sales & Marketing

Leonora Hamilton: Marketing Executive

Mark Belk: Marketing Executive

Vin Bandami: Marketing & Brand Manager (Contains Resume Writer Strategy)

Juan Diaz: Global Sales

Cary Brown: Chief Creative Officer (Contains Resume Writer Strategy)

Thom Muller: VP of Sales (Contains Resume Writer Strategy)

Marcy Celeste: Brand Strategy & Marketing


Tiffany Reinhardt: Nurse

Charles Leake: Medical Device President/GM/VP (Contains Resume Writer Strategy)


Marcus Keller: Financial Services Executive

Karim Nadir: Senior Finance Manager

Tristina McClain: Accountant

Joanne Hutton: Accountant (Contains Resume Writer Strategy)

Douglas Miller: CFO/Finance Executive (Contains Resume Writer Strategy)

Julie Delise: Finance Executive (Contains Resume Writer Strategy)


Lucian Benedetto: International Entrepreneur  (Contains Resume Writer Strategy)

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