The NRWA is the only nonprofit, member-driven résumé writers’ organization in the world. The mission of The NRWA is to increase the visibility of the industry, encourage ethical practices, promote excellence, and raise industry standards through peer marketing and training. Today, we stand at more than 600 members and we continue to grow every month.

The Nationally Certified Résumé Writer (NCRW) credential encompasses basic knowledge, writing, and strategy. Through the efforts of the volunteer Certification Commission the program certifies the best resume writers in the industry.

In addition to member development and support, one of The NRWA’s goals has been public education and awareness. This has been accomplished through various affiliate partnerships and alliances. The earliest and longest affiliation, still in effect today, is with Southworth Paper. The NRWA created a resume guide that is included with every package of Southworth’s line of resume papers, as well as information on The NRWA and the value of a properly written resume. Other strategic alliances have included JIST Publishing and the Wall Street Journal’s online paper,, among others.

The NRWA continues to innovate, grow, and evolve because of thousands of volunteer hours donated by a volunteer Board of Directors and dedicated members who have selflessly committed to continuing the vision of the early members of The NRWA. Just looking at The NRWA Web site, it is abundantly clear the original mission of meeting the needs of resume writers through education, training, mentoring, and networking continues to be carried forth.

The NRWA is a member-run organization led by a volunteer board. Members can access an organization chart, position descriptions, bylaws, and other information in the member's section after logging in on the left side of the page. 

Leadership Quick-Links

Press Contact:
Steven Bouchard  President

Membership Questions:
Carol Camerino  Membership Chair

Marketing and Communications:
Mill Montejo, Social Media Manager

NCRW Certification:
Kimberly Schneiderman  Certification Chair

Beth Colley  Education Chair

Website Questions or Feedback:
Jada Willis  Technology Chair  
Shauna C. Bryce  Past-President

Conference Inquiries:
Dawn Rasmussen  Programming Chair
Katrina Brittingham  Logistics Chair
Lorraine Beaman  Sponsor Relations

Directors of Industry:
Debra Ann Matthews • Military, Work Force, Career Centers
Juliet Murphy • University, Technical Colleges
Michelle Robin New Business Owners (West)
Wendi Weiner  New Business Owners (East)
Paul Freiberger  Experienced Business Owners (West)
Virginia Franco  Experienced Business Owners (East)

The National Résumé Writers' Association
P.O. Box 482, Collingswood, NJ 08108

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