2016 ROAR Award Winners

Luciano Benedetto (Creative Design Winner, Sandra Ingemansen)

Vin Bandami (Modern Classic Design Winner,  Sandra Ingemansen 

Talia Vareli ( Creative Design Winner, Lucie Yeomans)

Thom Mueller ( Modern Classic Design Winner, Lucie Yeomans)

2015 ROAR Award Winners

Steve Tripp (Superior Submission by Michelle Robin)

Joel Phillippe (Outstanding Submission by Ruth Pankratz)

Charles N. Leake (Outstanding Submission by Sandra Ingemansen)

Marcy Celeste (Outstanding Submission by Barbara Safani)

The NRWA Résumé-Writing Competition 

Calling all Résumé Writers! The third annual ROAR competition will be opening soon! 

The NRWA will be officially accepting your submissions to our third annual résumé-writing competition: Recognizing Outstanding Achievement in Résumés (ROAR). 

Members and nonmembers can submit entries under one of the following categories:

  1. Experienced Résumé Writers (more than 5 years in business): Creative Design (use category code EC)
  2. Experienced Résumé Writers (more than 5 years in business): Modern Classic Design (use category code EM)
  3. New Résumé Writers (up to 5 years in business): Creative Design (use category code NC)
  4. New Résumé Writers (up to 5 years in business): Modern Classic Design (use category code NM)

    You may enter up to 3 résumés within each of your experience-level categories, for a total of 6 entries. Entries can represent any profession or industry. Each entry must be one document that includes the résumé, followed by a page break and a strategy paragraph on the final page that explains why you developed the résumé as you did. Client names, addresses, and company info should be fictionalized. Résumés that have won other contests do not qualify for this competition.

      Each entry will be scored by three qualified judges, based on the following criteria: 

      1. Design, style, and originality
      2. Positioning, strategy, and creativity
      3. Technical writing accuracy and grammar
      4. Layout and readability for both the human reader and the computer/ATS (ATS not applicable for Creative Design submissions)
      5. Branding and unique positioning
      6. Keyword optimization for the target
      7. Value/sales focus with specific accomplishments  

      Refer to The NCRW Study Guide and The Gregg Reference Manual for résumé-writing concepts and strategies.

      The competition closes at (to be announced soon!) and the winners will be announced at the conference in Lombard, IL. The first place winners from each category will receive a free one-year membership to The NRWA. Following the conference, we will issue a press release announcing all the winners and runners-up and feature their names and entries on The NRWA website.

      The price for entering a résumé in the competition is: 
      • $20 (per résumé) for members and
      • $35 (per résumé) for nonmembers.

      Qualifying résumés may also earn the submitter a CEU. No refunds will be given once payment is made.

      To complete your entry, you must email your submission(s) in Microsoft Word format to: ROAR@thenrwa.com

      Please name your file as: ROAR2017.CategoryCode.WriterLastName.WriterFirstName.ClientFirst_Last.doc

      Members and nonmembers, get ready to ROAR!

      What do we mean by "Creative Design" and "Modern Classic Design"?​

      Creative Design: Think color and formatting. Graders will be evaluating the visual elements as well as the content… Is your résumé visually exciting to look at while still delivering solid content, strong strategy, and ease of reading? Use your imagination, but make sure the résumé promotes the candidate’s talent, not just a fun design. 

      Modern Classic: This resume will have a familiar, yet strategic structure and layout. Fonts will be standard and sections will be in alignment with broadly accepted best practices and layout should allow reader to immediately find information often looked for by recruiters. Graders will be evaluating strategy, content, ease of reading, and spacing/layout. 

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