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Are You Hurting Yourself by Ignoring the LinkedIn Endorsement Feature?

December 03, 2014 3:31 PM | Cassie Olson

 By:Mill Montejo

If you've ever heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reverse engineering science, then you know that Machine Learning powers it, and with the right mix of words and concepts you can see actual results within a couple of months, maybe sooner, and sometimes immediately. Machine Learning is also what helps power Applicant Tracking Systems that recruiters and Human Resources offices use to search for talent.  This is the basis of my theory on the significance of LinkedIn Endorsements. See the images in this article for the actual search results of LinkedIn profile optimization and the steps I describe that can help anyone achieve them.

I have conducted my own tests on these SEO (Search Engine Optimization)tactics since 2011. Initially, when I left the transportation industry and was looking at available work online, I began to update my LinkedIn profile. I also attended a free webinar by Greig Wells, in which he discussed his web-optimization techniques. I took notes, I read more and more, and I took Udemy and Khan Academy courses to refresh my previous web-development and computer knowledge. Slowly but surely, I began to build my connections on LinkedIn. While I am not a “Super Connector” as mentioned in Greig's webinars with thousands of connections, I am way ahead of where I was in 2011 in profile completeness and ROI. Yes, you heard right, “return on investment.” LinkedIn is the number one water cooler to hang out by if you want to be found for diverse work arrangements. It doesn't happen overnight, but there is a visible, measurable return on your invested time. 

I recommend to all my clients, and anyone who will listen, that they should check into their LinkedIn profile a minimum of three times per week.  LinkedIn also has a news feed which will recommend articles to you. They should click on those articles, comment on them, and share them in groups. All of these actions help search engines find your activity online. When recruiters need to fill a job requisition, they sometimes useBoolean searches in Google. They list skills and this is where the endorsement section comes in.

Some of your LinkedIn Connection's skills will already be populated into the text field that pops up. You may actually be helping your connection tremendously by adding a skill you are aware that they possess, but that they don't have that many endorsements for.  You can tell how many endorsements they have in a certain skill by looking at the graph of the profile pictures of endorsers next to their skills. Don't worry as your connection will have the final say on whether they add it to their profile or not.

"These endorsements are extremely valuable because the more you have, they higher your profile will rank for each skill. For instance, if you have one hundred professionals endorsing you for your “social media” skills, then when a recruiter is looking for someone with those skills, your profile will appear higher in the ranking than others. Endorsements will help your profile become more visible on LinkedIn, giving you more opportunities as a result." Dan Schawbel - Branding Expert

"LinkedIn isn't weighting endorsements in search results yet, but it will soon. This means, the more endorsements for your skills and talents that you get, the more often you'll appear in search results, the more trusted you'll be, and the more leads you'll potentially generate from LinkedIn." Dave Kerpen, CEO Likeable Media


"Whether it’s an on-site search engine or someone much larger like Google, the purpose of the search results will always be to find the most accurate match, so don’t be surprised to see those who have accumulated the most endorsements featuring more frequently. Many dub LinkedIn the social media platform for professionals, with numerous organizations using it for recruitment purposes and/or new business opportunities. So where you rank in search results on LinkedIn for the areas you specialize in is going to affect how people find you." 
Matthew Moore - Traffic Digital London, UK

You know what those one-click endorsements smell like? Links. The skills are the keywords. Once you have started accumulating this data, you can rate the authority / credibility of a profile for a given skill. A search for “pricing strategy” under this model would return a list of candidates who claim this skill, ranked by the power of the endorsements they’ve received. Endorsements received from other LinkedIn members with high credibility on pricing strategy or other relevant skills would carry more weight that recommendations from people without pricing expertise." 
Margin Hound

Mill Montejo helps Millennials and graduates land entry-level jobs. She helps professional Baby Boomers and Seniors to bridge the gap between "old-school" and digital-age job search methods. She is passionate about helping Americans get back to work by teaching them about the new Digital Global Labor Market. With her tech background and bilingual writing ability, she employs keyword technology to give her résumé clients an edge over their competition.    

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