2014 Conference Professional Development Institutes

PDI #1:

Build a Niche Career Services Firm: Attract and Serve Your Ideal Client

When resume writers and career coaches think of niches, they often envision career professionals who assist a specific industry. But niches come in all forms and shapes, including client age, seniority, geography, temperament, work-style, learning-styles, needs, and challenges. Identify the niche client group who you can serve best - your ideal client base - and construct a firm to cater that ideal, ultimately benefiting you and your clients.

Why you should consider building a niche career service.

  • Minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of developing a niche.
  • Recognize the many different types of niches, from specializing in specific industries to focusing on certain client personalities types.
  • Find the ideal niche for you.

How to build the ideal career services firm for your ideal clients.
  • Identify the job search, personality, and other challenges faced by your niche.
  • Develop the technical expertise, client management skills, and business systems necessary to best serve your niche clients.
  • Build your confidence and fine-tune your practice.

How to find and market to your niche.
  • Learn how your niche clients search for and choose career services.
  • Discover where to find your niche clients and market to them.
  • Prove credibility to your niche and become their go-to expert.

Shauna C. Bryce, Esq. is a leading expert in career strategies and solutions for lawyers. She built her niche firm, Bryce Legal Career Counsel, after graduating from Harvard Law School, practicing as an attorney in New York and New Jersey, and serving on the Hiring Committee of a major regional law firm. She is the author of the How To Get A Legal Job® series of career books and her expert advice column, Ask The Hiring Attorney®, is featured in Bloomberg Law. Connect with Shauna at linkedin.com/in/shaunabryce.

Executive resume writer Jared Redick helps mid-career professionals and executives make strategic decisions about their futures. Based in San Francisco, Jared built The Résumé Studio around a multi-week, programmatic approach to career discovery and résumé writing that draws from his retained executive search experience in New York and San Francisco, including work for Fortune 15 companies. He speaks regularly to professional associations and graduating MBA classes, and has contributed to eight career-focused books and blogs. Connect with Jared at linkedin.com/in/jaredredick.

PDI #2:

Bridging the Gap: Helping
Millennials Transition from the
Classroom to the Boardroom

Millennials face unique challenges when entering the workforce after graduation. There is a significant gap between a recent graduate's expectations and the reality of the working world. During this presentation the facilitator will introduce a career development cycle for millennials who have recently graduated, discuss trends of millennials in the job search process, and identify services career coaches and resume writers can provide to ease the transition from the classroom to the boardroom.

You will walk away from this interactive session with:
  • The components of the millennial career development cycle created by InterviewSnob
  • Knowledge about employment trends of millennials
  • Best practices and resources to support the transition of recent college graduates into the workforce
  • Strategies and services to better serve current college students and recent college graduates

Gala Jackson, M.Ed. is an ambitious millennial, public speaker, and career coach. With more than seven years of experience in career development and work with millennials, Gala’s experience has been established at nationally and internationally recognized institutions. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Speech Communication with emphasis in Organizational Communication and a Master of Educational Leadership degree with an emphasis in Higher Education Administration. Gala is a member of The NRWA and serves on the Board of Directors as the 2014 college/university representative. She has a passion for helping others succeed as they pursue their dreams! Connect with Gala at linkedin.com/in/galajackson

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